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Sports Equipments

MT國際公司有限公司 是一家领先的进口商和分销商的各种类型的文具相关的体育产品在尼泊尔和印度的市场。 如各种类型的篮球、足球、排球、手球橄榄球、婴儿球和各种类型的球的项目。 有一种经过时间考验的长期经验的导入, 我们是最大的进口国, 文具在尼泊尔。 我们的姊妹公司"义乌山贸易有限公司” 是一家领先的贸易和市场营销的文具、体育、电子和工业材料在国际商贸城、中国。 我们位于香港与 MT香港有限公司。

MT International Pvt ltd. (MT國際公司有限公司) is a leading importer & distributor of various types of Stationery related sports products in Nepalese and indian market.such as various types of basketball, football, volleyball, hand ball rugby ball, baby balls and various types of ball items. With a time-tested long experience in importing,we are a largest importer of stationery in nepal.our sister company "Yiwu MT Trading Co., Ltd." is a leading trading and marketing of stationery, sports, Electronic & industrial materials in international trade city, china.we are located in hongkong with  "Multi Trading Hong Kong Co., Ltd. (MT香港有限公司).

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